Broadband IT & T “Telecommunications” Services:

Your technology requirements for your business can seem difficult to deal with. Technology is advancing fast; you will feel confident that we have the knowledge to assist with this advancement.

Our Services:

  1. Ethernet services

Iqnet provides Ethernet services over Fibre, copper and wireless options based on your organisation’s network coverage.

  1. Provides Professional Services:
    1. Audio-Visual
    2. Computing
    3. Networking Solutions
    4. Communications
    5. Data Storage
    6. Cloud Service
    7. Servers
    8. Wireless Networks
  2. Iqnet provides telephony services:
    1. Voice over IP (VOIP)
    2. Digital PABX’s
    3. Computer Telephony Integration
    4. Call Centre Solutions
    5. Unified Communications and Collaboration
    6. Installation and Relocation of Services
  3. Optical Fibre and Data services

Our networking team can offer Optical Fibre and Data infrastructure to provide smarter cabling solutions that will support your technology requirements.

  1. Hosting

Take the hassle out of setting your website, We can handle Domain registration, WEB and Email Hosting services with an Australian based network.

  1. We provide WEB Hosting with CPanel cloud platform.
  2. Dedicated Hosting with dedicated Virtual Private Servers.
  1. Web Design

Starting a new business or want to update an existing business. Our speciality is custom design websites and Graphic design services. We have in-house experts that focus on modern designs to maximise customer perception.

Our online marketing team can provide SEO and social media to make your website worthwhile when people can find it.